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The best ideas come from a specific need. Leander as an enterprise grew from the need of the child for secure surroundings. The first product, the Leander cradle, arose when a family member needed to be able to look after two young children at the same time. That was in 1998. Today, Leander is an international design company whose products are sold in 40 countries.

Rapid development has not caused any alteration to the fundamental principle: that is, to build furniture that stimulates and keeps pace with the child's development, ensuring a natural environment in which safety, quality of craftsmanship and harmonious design lines are the main constituents. What we are aiming for is to create the most inspiring conditions for life, from the very start. This is a core value for Leander and has led to the company motto: Inspiring life. Our furniture combines functionality and aesthetics, making for enjoyable pieces both for the user and those who look on in admiration!

Moulded pieces are manufactured using European beech sourced from sustainable European forests. A formula of uncomplicated Scandinavian design ensures both practicality and elegance. Creating these products is literally in the hands of the company founder, Stig Leander, who explores the characteristics of the material and trials initial designs using cardboard, string, glue and wood.

"We look at life from a child's viewpoint and through a child's eyes. Their development, their needs are the basis of everything we do – in the same way as these are their parents' major concerns. By taking this route, we support parents' need for confidence in the items they choose and for energy to devote to daily life with their children. This makes our products much more than just pieces of furniture, for both children and their parents", explains Stig.

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